Killer Klown 3d Printed Ray Gun

Ive received a few inquiries regarding the DIY Ray gun posted a few years ago. Most requests were people wanting to purchase the finalized product. I decided to take a crack at modeling a 3d version of the gun with the hopes of getting it 3d printed. Thankfully we were able to accomplish this with a help of a friend who has a 3d printer and knows a little about prepping and printing 3d models.

Here’s a shot of my boys.


I started off with a few rough sketches including this one:

After a few modifications, ended up with this.

OCD is a mofo. I finally stopped at this model and sent it to my co worker who printed it out and the results were pretty awesome.

Pic of the first printed version. My co worker printed it at 75% to see how well the model was put together. Fixed a few issues on this version and ended up with the following:

Pretty darn proud of it. Im already making modifications to this version to make it a tad bigger and a little bit more detailed.

Made 3 more revisions and ended up with this one.




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