Killer Klown popcorn ray gun


I am working on a new prototype for the Ray gun. For addtional information, please go here

to read up on the 3d printed version of this Ray Gun.

How to build a Killer Klown ray gun

I am a huge fan of Killer Klown from outer space. ive always wanted to get some of the movie props that have been listed on ebay, but honestly the prices for some of the stuff is outrageous! After look closely to the design ( and there are a few artist sketched mockups to serve as guides) I knew I could build one for myself.

Update:  i couldn’t find my pics of the original build. But i had some leftover parts and will start this tutorial:


All of the wood parts were purchased at Hobby Lobby but im sure most Craft stores will carry something similar. The two PVC adapters I got at Home Depot (1″ for the larger one and 1/2″ on the smaller one. I got them in the plumbing section ). I drilled a 1/4″ hole in almost everything here specifically for the dowel that will serve as the support for the rest of the items.


Once the holes are completed just start sliding the parts in. I didnt glue any of these parts, but if your drill hole is a little big, you may want to fasten them down so they don’t move as much.


Continue sliding the rest of the parts so that You can see what it will look like, but more importantly, so you can make any adjustments before the paint job.


The wheel will take a little time if you pay close attention to detail the way I like to.

Quick and easy: just super glue the small wood dots to the outer edge of the wheel and eyeball the spacing.

Detailed:  Grab a powered sander and gently press each ball slightly into the sandpaper that will form a small flat surface. Once you apply the glue, it will adhere to the wheel with better strength. I used a ruler and evenly spaced all 8 of the dots that I used. Using a similar pattern to this: (feel free to draw all you want on it, youre gonna paint it!)

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 11.06.02 PM


more on the way…




IMG_0280 IMG_0278 IMG_0275

IMG_3140 IMG_3149 IMG_3150




  • Brandy Marshall  

    Can I get step by step instructions on how to make it? My daughter wants a Killer Klowns from Outer Space birthday party and I’m trying to custom make most of it and I’m a little stressed out. If I could make this myself it would be a huge relief.

    • ahourigan  

      You have an awesome daughter! Yes, let me look for the pictures that I took. I bought most of the items at Hobby Lobby and the rest at home depot. Let me go through my archives and see if I can get this tutorial going.

      • Brandy Marshall  

        OMG thank you so much!!! You are my favorite person right now. Yes I like to think she is pretty spectacular, thank you for complimenting her. Also thank you for making an awesome replica and taking the time to show me how to do it myself.

  • Luke  

    could i buy one from you for $15, I am a huge fan of Klowns, and I am making a remake of the film, right now I am rounding up props, give me a buzz, thanks!

    • ahourigan  

      I make them but usually sell them for closer to 40. 🙂 I get more for them on ebay and list them every now and again.

      • Deathdealer187  

        Please sell me some killer klown guns on ebay ill buy them asap just let me know when there posted i need for halloween

      • Brandon Seidenspinner  

        Do you still make and sell these?

        • ahourigan  

          It’s been a while but it can be done.

        • ahourigan  

          Ive got a 3d printed version now that blows this build out of the water! 🙂

          • joel marquez  

            I need one ASAP

  • Luke  

    $25?, i really need this. PLEASE IM BEGGING LOL, and thanks for replying quickly

  • Tiffany  

    How do I commission one of these from you?!

  • Justin  

    What did you use for the gun handle? Plan on making one for my Halloween costume this year

    • ahourigan  

      I went to hobby lobby and purchased one of those mdf material letters (like for addresses). I bought the letter Q and cut it with a jigsaw. 🙂

      • Deathdealer187  

        I want to buy these guns from you can you post me a popcorn gun ebay link and a cotton candy ray gun link please i need them for halloween for my fatso clown costume

        • ahourigan  

          I dont have any available at the moment, but perhaps can make a few. Ill post on here if I get to build a few. Thanks for stopping by!

          • Andrew  

            Ya tell me when you post them

  • Aaron  

    If you have a picture of all possible parts I would really appreciate it , I bought the small green clowns suit two years ago and this would make everything legit , email me an attachment if you can please

  • umanda floyd  

    Do you sell them on amazon? Me and my son enjoy the killer klown from outer space movie. It my son favorite movie. Do you only sell them on ebay. I’m going to have to buy the shorty costume separte. It going cost me about 200.00. They don’t sell the costume together. I like to buy a gun for my son costume when I get it for next year halloween.

      • umanda  

        Can you send me the instructions to my Gmail to make this gun for my son

        • ahourigan  

          Ive got a 3d printed version of the Ray gun now!

  • Mary  

    Do you happen to still make these to sell? Could really use one for my kid for Halloween!!

    • ahourigan  

      I do make them from time to time, by when were you needing it?

      • Deathdealer187  

        Still no new pictures of your knew klown guns ? Where are they ?

  • Deathdealer187  

    Heres a idea gimme a way to contack u so i can buy one from u paypal invoice to avoid ebay then u can avoid ebay fees as well or post on figure realm thanks

    • ahourigan  

      Hey Deathdealer,
      You can reach me via the contact form! Be sure to include your email address and I’ll get back to you.

  • djvinny  

    I’ll make you an offer ahourigan I’ll give you $75.00 please sent me an invoice by Paypal and I’ll send you the money.

    Please email me.


    • ahourigan  

      Hey DjVinny not sure why your message got caught in spam. Im working on a new 3d printed protype thats similar to this one. Let me know if you’re still interested.

    • ahourigan  

      Ive got a 3D printed version of the Raygun now!

  • Dean Westerfield  

    Are you still making this prop for Killer Klowns from Outer Space. If so I really would like to buy one. And do you make any other props, like other guns, Cocoons, or even the popcorn puppet in the movie? Please let me know. Thank Sincerely, Dean Westerfield

    • ahourigan  

      Hi Dean,
      Yes, its been a while but I’ve started back up. One of my co workers has a 3d printer so we’ve been testing a new prototype that ill be posting very soon.

  • Dean Westerfield  

    Can you make me a Killer Klowns Ray Gun. I would love to buy it. I have 4 of the Klowns, Fatso, Slim, Klownzilla and shorty. This would be awesome with my costumes for Comic Con adventures.

  • Dean Westerfield  

    Can you make me one of these? I’d gladly pay $40.00 for it. I need it ASAP, hopefully before September 2018. Please contact me at my email Thank You and it looks awesome. Would go great with my Killer Klowns costumes.

    • ahourigan  

      Hey Dean,
      Not sure why the comments on the page arent notifying me but let me know if you are still interested in the RayGun and i can send over a quote!


  • Dean W Westerfield  

    Can you make me one of these? I’d gladly pay $40.00 for it. I need it ASAP, hopefully before September 2018. Please contact me at my email Thank You and it looks awesome. Would go great with my Killer Klowns costumes. (My previous post had incorrect email address listed)

    • ahourigan  

      Hi Dean, Let me know if you are still interested and I can send over a quote!

  • Noah  

    Can you make me one? I need a price though. I’d like it before halloween for my costume

    • ahourigan  

      hey Noah,
      yes, I can. Did you get a chance to see the 3d Printed post? I have a fully painted version and a blank version also. which one were you interested in?

  • Memphis Ribic  

    I would love to buy one of these from you! How do I go about doing so? Ebay? Etsy?

  • connor  

    How i get 1 free i am being shorty from the movie and made my own gun exactly 20 times and all of the fall apart plz and if i do get one free you are my hero.

  • Sylvan Williams  

    are you selling these??? its awesome!!!!

  • Andrea  

    Hi, I’m attempting to make the gun, was wondering what you used for the top of the egg shape with the 3 balls???? I have a 6 yr old obsessed. Thanks in advance.

    • ahourigan  

      Hi sorry for the late response. I purchased a small 1/4″ thick wood piece from hobby lobby or michaels and drew the shape and just cut it out. Hobby lobby also has packs of the balls as well. I just sanded the ball enough to make a bit flat, making it easier to glue!

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