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Batten Mini Fence

This past weekends weather was amazing. The wife and I decided to take advantage and door some outdoor work. There is a shrub right outside our living room window which spans almost 4 ft in width. From the outside there was really not much to look at except a dual layer of bricks spanned across the ground. We both decided the bricks had to go and i was able to convince my wife to trust me on what I had planned to put in its place. So here is what I came up with.

Here are the tools I used for this project:

Miter saw | Hand saw | Impact Driver (screw gun) | Countersink Drill Bit |  Air Compressor and Spray Can | Straight Edge | Pencil | Hammer | Level | 3/4″spacer | String

Went to HomeDepot and purchased the following:

(4) 1 x 5 -3/4″  x 8ft Pressure Treated lumber ( boards)

(5) 2 x 2 x 8ft” Pressure Treated Lumber (reinforcement spikes)

Outdoor rated 1-5/8″ screws

I cut the 5-3/4″ boards in half. ( to span the length of the fence ). I then Cut the 2 x 2 pieces at 3ft 3″ ( i wanted at least a 1- 1/2Ft in the ground.)

I marked the 5ft mark from the house to the front of the shrub on both ends and lined up with a string.


( in this case I used my wifes yarn) lol


I hammered them in place constantly checking that they were level.  I placed 2 more reinforcing spikes in the middle somewhat near each other.


Put the first board in place and leveled it out. I drilled two countersinking holes on each end. Screwed one in place and then moved to the other end to allow me to level the board. Once the board was leveled, then went back and screwed in the other two screws.


I used some of the scrap pieces from my length cuts to use as a spacer (3/4″ thick) and repeated the above steps.



Once all the boards were in place, I cut the excess wood from the posts with a handsaw. I used my air compressor (8 gallon 125psi) with a spray can to stain in. Any size compressor will do, even a 3 gallon will work you’ll just go a bit slower.




Here is the final result. My wife loved it so much that we are going to extend the same look across the other side of the house! 🙂





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