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Convert pendant lamp to wired switch fixture


The Wife and I went to the crate and barrel outlet over the weekend and spotted this Pendant light on sale for 30 bucks. If you’ve ever priced out these fixtures they can get expensive.  Again, this is a lamp so it has a plug and we were looking for a more permanent installation. We took this lamp and connected it to the electrical wired switch in our living room. Here are some instructions to do it yourself! It’s pretty easy. First and foremost, identify the circuit breaker to your project and turn it off! Never work on a live circuit.



Here is a pic of the lamp. I believe it retails for about 80 bucks. Again, we got a pretty good deal at an outlet.


It is a lamp after all, if you dont mind seeing the electrical cable hanging from the ceiling to your electrical outlet, then youre all set. If not, converting it is not that difficult.


At the bottom of the lamp was the plug and a switch. I cut the switch and cable. Normally its pretty easy to identify the White and Black cables ( white=neutral, black=hot). In this case the cable is exposed. With this type of cable, the easiest way to identify it is to feel the cable itself. The neutral (or white cable) will have a jagged edge on the cable where as the black (hot cable) will be smooth.

I used my wire cutters (in background) and cut about an inch to expose the wire.


We had an existing fixture in our living area and decided to repurpose some of the hardware for this installation. The pendant lamp did not include mounting hardware of any kind since it was a lamp after all. We removed the old fixture and used the mount and ball hardware to make the pendant a little more appealing.


The fixture included some hoops, long pipe and ball bearings. We only used the threaded pieces and ball bearings for this pendant. NOTE: its important to run this piece through your hanging cable and electrical wire first!


I measured where we wanted the pendant light to sit and made the cuts. Excuse the dark pictures, we  turned off the circuit breaker to the living room light. SAFETY FIRST.


Again, it might be a little difficult to identify the cables. The jagged edged cable goes connected to the neutral (white) and the smooth goes connected to the hot (black). This pendant light came with a hook cable. I simply ran it through the electrical mounting box in the ceiling and fed it back down and clamped it back on to itself.


Aligining  the mounting plate in place.


Screwing the locknuts into place!


As a reminder, we reused the mounting plate and hardware from the prevous fixture. I didnt take pictures of the fixture before starting the installation of the new one. If you dont have an existing fixture. Any hardware store will sell kits usually located in the lighting department. Feel free to post any questions you might have. Im no electrician, but i’ll gladly answer any questions.


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