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DIY Closet Sliding door

This project was inspired by pinterest user Brier Check out their site. My wife and I are in the process of selling our home. We converted one of the bedrooms into a large walk in closet. We took down one of the walls and left the 4ft closet space opening that was originally there. Our Master bedroom was now larger by 5 feet but we had a huge open area. My wife being the avid pinterest junky, advised me of a closet door project and here is where we started.
Tools Needed

Pencil | Pocket hole jig | Level | Stud Finder | Miter or Circular saw | Electric Drill | Drillbit | Clamps | Ratchet set |

Items purchased:

4 -8ft 1×4 white wood panels. This will make the door frame ( you can use poplar but white wood is a bit more economic)($15 Home Depot).

1-1/4 Self tapping screws ($3 any hardware store)

1 – 96″ 2 x 4. This will be used as a header, you can also use a 2×6. I used 6-3/8″ x 1/4″ x 4″ ($3.00)

1/4″ Cut washers ($0.11 ea)

1-Everbuilt 96″ Dual rail sliding door kit ($23 @ homedepot) (link)

1-half pint of your choice of stain. I used a dark mohagany color. ($5) @ any hardware store

3 – Corrugated plastic sheets ($11.00 ea)

Start off with the cuts. I used 1″x4″ whiteboard. The opening of my closet space was 48″ wide and 80″ in height. I cut two boards 50″ wide ( one inch clearance on each side) for the top piece and bottom piece. Then I cut two more pieces @ 73″ (73 + 4 + 4=81″) This time I only used an extra inch clearance from one end instead of two. I measured the inside of the frame (width) 43″ -1/16. This cut needs to be very precise because they will be jointed to the outside frame. I mocked it up for visual purposes and started making my pocket holes.


I recommend using the Kreg Pockethole jig, it will definitely come in handy and give you a very clean presentation.

I centered the board onto the jig and drilled two pocket holes and used 1-1/4″ self tapping screws. Here is a crappy drawing of where I made the holes on each end and the boards in between.

I repeated this process for the rest of the cuts. Once all cuts were attached, I took it back to the closet doorway to mock it up.

At this point you can sand down the wood, I left it as is.

Using the 8ft 2×4 and the Door sliding kit, i started the staining process on the header board. I used a mahogany color based oil stain. I let it set for about an hour.  Took the door outside and started staining it as well. I used 4 empty paint gallons to prop up the door to allow me to paint the inner and outer edges easier.

I took the rail outside as well to spray paint it black.


Waited another hour for the stain and spray paint to dry and attached the rail to the 2×4 header we stained earlier. I pre-drilled into the 2×4 with the holes already marked on the rail to make screwing it in a little easier. I found it would be easier to mount the header with the rail attached.  If you have a second hand, you dont have to pre-drill. Note: This rail style is slightly wider than the 2×4 so I laid it against a flat surface to make sure the holes i pre-drilled lined up flush with the side that will be mounted on the wall)

Now that the header is ready we can start the mounting process. I used my stud finder to locate and mark the studs that will hold the header. This part will definitely require a second set of hands. (aka, my Wife).  I held one end of the board while she held the other end until it was level. I pre-drilled through the wood into the wall until I hit the stud. I then inserted the 1/4 x 4 1/5″ bolt with a washer and used the rachet with the 3/8 attachment to screw it in. I screwed in two sets on each end and two in toward the middle.

I then took the hinges that came with the sliding door kit and attached them to the door.  The kit originally came with 4 hinges ( again, its a sliding door kit for two doors) I only used two because the door is not that heavy.


I took the door and inserted it into the rail and tested it out. Everything works great! Now on to fill in the gaps in the door.

I purchased 3 corrugated sheets from Home Depot. I Measured the inside width and height and added an extra inch on each side. ( in this case the measurements were 43 x 25″ )

I then attached 5/8 x 1-1/4″ pan head screws with a washer throgh the plastic into the wood.

Repeated the process for the 3 openings.

This is what the rear side of the door looks like

Took to door inside to hang it and look at the final result.

I ended up creating a guide ( to prevent the door from sliding forward too much) and used clear silicone to stay in place. Hope this helps! You can do a number of things to change up the look and feel! Get creative! If you have any questions or need any help, please feel free to comment on the pinterest post, or comments section below! Have fun!








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